Best free character creation games

Best free character creation games

RPG mechanics are one of the most important elements of any computer RPG, near interaction with NPCs and the game world, allowing players this mythical ‚role-playing’ (more on that next time). Of course, there are people who will never agree with the statement that the numbers create best free character creation games, role-playing games and partly they are right, but without this mechanics can not exist any computer role-playing game. What is hidden under the words of RPG mechanics? What are its constituent parts? I will try to answer these and other questions in the subsequent part of the recording.

Mobile games with character creation

A common mistake of players is the perception of RPG mechanics as a General mechanics of the game, which is just gameplay, that is, the so-called gameplay. Many times I heard comments like: „But this RPG has butchered mechanics”, and when I asked what exactly the person has in mind, in response I heard: „not the fight of the poor.” If fighting is a weak game has poor combat mechanics, and the use of the word „scop mechanics” can offer a certain group of addressees that in this title is broken character development, levelling up whether the skills are unbalanced which, of course, in this case is not true.

Mobile games with character creation

To avoid this kind of errors and misunderstandings, it is necessary to first determine what the mechanics in games, role-playing game, what elements are included in android games with character customization, and then slightly expand and describe each of them.

  • character Creation
  • the development of the hero (somewhat in the case of team RPG)
  • attributes (strength, agility, endurance) + factors (health, mana, various resistance)
  • skills / spells
  • perks
  • level-crucifixion / experience
  • Randomness / random factor

Character creation-Anyone who has ever played a role-playing game-and will probably have the opportunity to create your ideal, in terms of statistics, as well as the appearance of the hero. Sometimes it’s just one hero (Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Arcanum, Dragon Age: Origins), and sometimes the whole team (Icewind Dale, Legends of Grimrok) in General is very cool if the developers give us such a feature. Increasingly, however, arise Arpege, in which the main character is imposed from the top down, in a large degree connected with the plot of this production. Among these android games with character customization names is, for example, our native Witcher, Deus Ex: Human Revolution or even the legendary Planescape: Torment. Does this make them worse or gets them called „true role play”? Of course, not because the names I listed put just an emphasis on other elements of apps with character creation gameplay while still remaining a role-playing game.

Apps with character customization

The development of the hero – In contrast to character creation is the element present in every roleplay-from the beginning of this genre, so that you can, but on the contrary, we should recognize him for the key. Of course, individual apps with character customization differ from each other in the level of complexity of the character, but regardless of the subspecies (Dungeon Crawl, action-RPG, Hack&Slash, the sandbox-RPG), the so-called „numbers” arise. And so, thanks to the points obtained during the increase, we develop, for example, attributes that define our hero (in Diablo, Divinity: Original Sin), skills and spells (Neverwinter Nights 2) or perks (Fallout). To this are added different types of resistance and factors increases due to the equipment we use or special items.

Apps with character customization

Alignment / receiving experience is one of the key things when it comes to Begovoy mechanics in games. A character or group of heroes (depending on what type of game we’re dealing with) gains experience for performing various actions, such as overcoming a group of enemies, discovering new terrain, completing a task, or guiding a dialogue correctly. Most often these are experience points, however it can also be, for example, fame points (Risen 3) whether the skill training system (Morrowind). As with the development of the best free character creation games hero, it is an element necessary for the recognition of the game as a role-playing game. Someone might ask why I separated the experience from the mobile games with character creation development of the hero? Just I wanted to emphasize the subtle difference between them, that is using same points for the development of our hero from the way these points accumulate.

Android games with character customization

Android games with character customizationRandomness is Not the most important element, and it does not occur only in cRPGs (strategies have a lot), but I think it is worth writing a few words on this topic. The random factor in CRPG replaces the dice rolls known for traditional role-playing games, and it’s nothing but randomly generated values computed by the computer. Surely many times you create your own character games for android have met a weapon that owned a 4% chance of critical strike or did not know, or your thief will open the lock box or not, as has only 30% chance of success. The chance of hitting the enemy, wounding, effectiveness of spells, incantations, also corresponds to the random factor in some role-playing games subgenres exhibited more (Baldur’s Gate, Fallout), and in others less (the Witcher 2, Skyrim).

Finally, I left the most important thing to remember. RPG mechanics should be progressive, which in practice means that our apps with character customization hero becomes stronger as he develops. Let’s start with the weak, which „fall” rats, and end up as a small killing machine, this is a typical RPG mechanics. What’s missing are the same skills (like in Far Cry 3 or Dishonored), the reels that we choose as we progress through the gameplay, because these are really just add-ons, not the elements needed to complete the gameplay. In this Far Cry-do not need to communicate the available skill points, and you have finished the game (it will be more difficult, but possible).

This is the difference between „RPG elements” in dynamic games, and in real RPG mechanics contained in EVERY computer role-playing game. Try to go mobile games with character creation, for example, a Witcher, some Dungeon Crawler, Hack & Slash, Bagel, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Deus Ex-a, Gothic, Skyrim, without disclosing characters, distribution of points and a set of skills. Impossible and precisely because it’s a role-playing game-and because they have something that other genres of games don’t have – progressive RPG mechanics.

I hope I managed to put everything together and correctly describe all the elements of a typical role-playing mechanics. Why did I do that? I believe that it is important to understand what to play in order not to damage the games and create your own character games for android not to judge them for what they are not, and, most importantly, to distinguish between games, role-playing games from titles that have only their elements.

Apps with character creation

In MMORPG, we often deal with detailed character editors – we create in the end from scratch our hero and often can give vent to his imagination, choosing his hair style, hair color or General camera. Black Desert in this respect, of course, puts pressure on the competition…

Black Desert-a Korean MMORPG, decorated in fantasy style, which premiered for the first time next year for the PC (it is possible that will also appear on PS4). Players taking part in the beta test explain the ships combat system, the ability to fight on the mounts, siege of cities and a powerful economic system that allows you to earn money not only through the execution of tasks, but also to manage their economy. However, what definitely sets the game apart from competing apps with character creation products of this kind is the unusual character master.

Not only is it different, realistic graphics, but above all, the level of care about the details. The player can affect the appearance of the character’s details, such as the degree of excitement of the hair, the level of depth of the spit, the shape of the buttocks, the length of the limbs. Moreover, the user will be able to simulate the position of the hero in any way. The following material shows how the created character represents itself in the game environment (remember, however, that this is only a beta version).



Players must also talk with other characters

Console RPG is an RPG console. The most important event of this type of game is history. This type of game usually has characters already created, and players can control. This character. This type of game usually focuses on a fixed story, but it is a subtle story. Most of these games are mostly eastern.

These types of games are popular. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Romance Man. In addition, role-playing games on a PC and console are also divided. Action RPG is an RPG game that adds a full action arcade game. Most of these games are RPGs with action mixes.

Usually it is a normal game

Because most of these games require players experience, level, weapons and armor. The most popular games of this type are: Simulation RPG is an RPG game played in the style of battle planning.

Usually it is a normal game, but it focuses on experience, level, and some games are also traded in RPG games.

Usually it is a normal gameMost of these games are turn-based games. In contrast to the turn-based strategy, this type of game has fewer turn-based strategic units, and the heroes can be equipped with conventional RPGs.

This type of game is also known as the Tactical role-playing game. Super Robot Motocross, Sakura Tyson, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre

Adventure games. Adventure game is a game in which the player takes the role of a character and must act in the game. To succeed. The adventure game was created for the first time in the form of a text adventure, which became a graphic adventure, and adventure games are focused on the player to find a solution or solve the puzzle in the game.

Most puzzles in the game focus on logic

Most puzzles in the game focus on logic, solve problems and use items that players have. Come on during the adventure. Players must also talk with other characters. This type of game requires many skills in the language. Most adventure games do not die, so players have time to analyze the problems they encounter, or if they die in adventure games, they are often placed where the player dies.

Adventure games include: Text Based Adventure is an adventure game that uses the basics of writing. When players want to do something, they must enter a post in the game (eg, Writing Talk to see the look). Adventure games are turned off. These popular games include Zork

Graphical adventure or Point ‚n Click Adventure is an adventure game that uses photos or real people. On the screen, players can use their eyes to search for items nearby. The player type usually has to do something called Pixel Hunting, or it’s about moving the mouse around the screen to find the wrong places or objects in the game. Today, this type of adventure game is called the current adventure game.

The arcade game In the new puzzle game

Puzzle Adventure is an adventure game that focuses on solving puzzles in the game. It will shorten the details, such as storing or talking with other people. This type of popular games is Myst Logic game. A puzzle game is a game of all ages. The game often focuses on solving puzzles from simple to complex. In the past, the game was often based on a puzzle game.

For example, games, numbers, games, crossovers, and then a puzzle game played on the computer game Tetris.

The arcade game In the new puzzle game

Nowadays there are many new puzzles in the game – it is a game that can be played at any age. It is normal that some players are attracted to the Tetris game. The arcade game In the new puzzle game Polarium and Puzzle Bubble, the puzzle game is not focused on the story, but will focus on the challenge for the player. Come back to play repeatedly. At a more difficult level.

A simulation game is a simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a player. The situation I decide what action to take. Events Can be taken from the actual situation or situation. This game is divided into subcategories. Virtual simulation simulates virtual control over things such as driving, driving, forklift control, etc.

Players will manage one business

Most of these games simulate details. Be as realistic as possible. This type of game is for entertainment purposes. It can also be used as a source of knowledge.

This type of game is known as Gran Turismo, etc. In addition, this type of game does not have to be a vehicle. It can be a simulated situation, such as a fire. Tycoon or Business Simulation is a business simulation game.

  1. Players will manage one business.
  2. Both are superficial. (Positioning things, hiring employees) until reaching a deeper level. (Employee control, Buy / sell stocks) This type of game usually has the term Tycoon ending with the name of the game.
  3. Popular games include: thematic hospital, amusement park, transport tycoon, Tycoon zoo, railway tracks.
  4. Situation simulation simulates events over a period of time, allowing the player to play independently.

The situation, like in the game Derby Stalion, provides players with stalls, Sim City games that give the player the mayor. Has the power to create and control public utilities in the city.

Sport Simulation is a game management system for a sports team

Life Simulation is a simulation game of life. The player usually controls one character. Or family You can control both human and non-human characters, such as the famous Sims, Animal Crossing. Simulation of animals This game will allow players to breed animals in the game for some players who want to raise, but have no status. It can be in the game. Since then, he was really an animal.

Sport Simulation is a game management system for a sports teamFor example, breeding fish, dogs, cats and fantastic animals, such as the Slime Shiyo game, which provides players with mucus.

Or Tamara Gotchi. Sport Simulation is a game management system for a sports team.

Most of these games usually give players control over a team or club. The player should have knowledge about this sport and know the name of the player and the name of the team. However, some of these games will attract the most famous athletes and / or teams to the Championship Manager, Football Manager.

Think about some news about life, relationships, money, women would receive one school player in this or similar video game

In addition, it is not uncommon that the main characters, after a relationship with a prostitute (who is very faithfully called), the money that paid her a favor, go back to the way to kill a prostitute and take her money. Entering the world of GTA 5 and more detailed considerations about the impact it exerts on individuals through which we understand children and young people, we are still convinced in his assertion that children should not have access to this type of „entertainment”.

It is important to listen to children and to talk and accept to develop trust and build relationships with your child

It is important to listen to children and to talk and accept to develop trust and build relationships with your child

It is also interesting that the Nantwich Education Partnership, an organization that brings together 16 schools in English Cheshire aroused simply growing in popularity that video games threatened parents that they would be reported to the police if their children could play video games intended for the elderly than 18 years old.

Parents were warned that in some cases they could be reported to the police, but also to social service because of neglect of children. Parents and other adults who care about children are responsible for controlling the content of video games their children are playing, the time the child spends in front of the computer, the content they search for and the games that they play on-line.

We believe that most parents are trying to control the content where their child is exposed, but it often happens that children learn from their content from their peers, older friends or relatives. For this reason, it is important to check how a child is having fun when it comes to friends, cousins, neighbors, etc. Younger children will probably be honest and trust that they spend time while older children may try to hide activities they consider to be inappropriate.

It is important to listen to children and to talk and accept to develop trust and build relationships with your child. If you notice that inappropriate content was available to children, you are required to inform other children’s parents.

Shuffling shooters can cause brain damage

Nowadays, it is almost impossible for children to completely exclude themselves from the virtual world, and this is of course not a solution. Children need guidance, parents should offer children the appropriate alternatives, according to their age and possibly games, which stimulate the child’s brain to concentrate, develop logical thinking and develop creativity.

Shuffling shooters can cause brain damage

There really are such video games! Before a child begins to play a specific game, the parent should consider what is being done and whether the game acts as a stimulus for the child’s development. Preferably, the parent should and games to understand what is available and then explain to the child what reason this game is suitable or not suitable for him.

Attention! Shuffling shooters can cause brain damage. Video games of every genre play an increasing part of the population on a daily basis, and this increase is attracted by the great attention of psychologists and neuroscientists who want to see the impact of playing games on the human brain.

In this study, participants were divided into two groups

Researchers Gregory West and Véronique Bohbot in the latest study turned out that the shooter game leads to a reduction in gray in the hippocampus, which is found in the brain and plays an important role in spatial memory and affects the mood.

In this study, participants were divided into two groups

In this study, participants were divided into two groups. Some people need 90 hours to play first person shooter (FPS), such as Call of Dutyja, Killzonea and battle, while in the second group at the same time games 3D platformer games like Super Mario 64.

Then each participant to the nuclear magnetic resonance device (NMR) of the brain taken, and the results showed that in the group assigned to the hippocampus the reproduction of the shooter falls, and patients from the second group increase the same.

Computer games help children indefinitely free themselves from the virtual world tension, frustration and aggression

It is often said that players develop various skills: hand-eye coordination or harmonization of the senses and engines in general coordination of movement, visual acuity, spatial orientation, and even intelligence. Computer games improve the ability to solve problems quickly by identifying reasons, managing resources, quick thinking and passing decisions.

Schools do not teach children properly, so they consider virtual games to be important learning aids

Schools do not teach children properly, so they consider virtual games to be important learning aids

By moving from easier levels to more difficult grades, your child learns to progressively achieve your goals and increase your self-efficacy. Particularly emphasizes that many of them are listed abilities are abstract and require more levels of thinking to which.

Schools do not teach children properly, so they consider virtual games to be important learning aids. Many games involving more players encourage children to cooperate with others achieve their goals, listen to the ideas of others, formulate joint plans and disseminate skills-based tasks and thus develop leadership skills.


The impact of computer games on children and young people has attracted the attention of experts for many years, with special attention being paid to the impact of violent video games. There are many studies that have solved this problem.

However, in this text we will not engage in scientific research, but through direct experience in working with children and young people. Recently, more and more primary school students aged between 6 and 14 spend most of their free time in front of the computer screen playing video games.

The game openly promotes verbal and physical violence, consumption of alcohol, drugs and crime

The game openly promotes verbal and physical violence, consumption of alcohol, drugs and crime

According to children and parents, the most popular video game among younger and older primary school is Grand Theft Auto, GTA shortened fifth. Encourage curiosity to get closer to the virtual world of children, we decided to explore the video game mentioned above.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is today one of the best-selling video games in the world. A successful game that stuns all sales records, reviews are excellent, and violence never seemed more realistic. But at first glance you can see the sign M (MATURE or intended for people over 17) standing in the field of video games:

Entering the world of GTA 5, we are quite clear why this game is forbidden for children under 17! We hope that parents will take us seriously when we say that the game is NOT a game for children! The game openly promotes verbal and physical violence, consumption of alcohol, drugs and crime.

You’ll probably think that most of those games that were never made to promote violence, but GTA does it in a very specific, realistic way and act much more likely, more acceptable to children and „flexible” people. Unlike movies, where we are only passive observers in violent scenes to participate only emotionally in Grand Theft Auto can voluntarily be beaten, shoot, massacre, crossed passerby, policeman, prostitute, as the initiator, performer and event controller.

One of the common discussions about the game is the way the game relates to women

GTA is a carefully designed action game, created in such a way that it is a realistic simulation of life. The player can choose between three criminals, ie the main characters: a retired bank thief living with his dysfunctional family; a gang member who also comes from a dysfunctional family, and the most popular among them – a drug addict, lives alone in a trailer in the desert and suffers from a psychotic disorder.

One of the common discussions about the game is the way the game relates to women

These characters can do everything we can and in real life. You can talk to someone, scrub, eat something from McDonald’s or a hot dog from a street vendor. You can ride a bike or go to the gym. Regardless of whether you feel lonely, you can visit a girl, find a new one or rent a prostitute.

This is only a fraction of what you can, as the main character, more precise criminal work. But normal behavior is not the goal and essence of this game. The goal is (more un-) to become the leader of the largest gang in the city and the largest gangster in the state, which of course includes the use of weapons, defeating the enemy, transitive fun, theft of military aircraft, worked for special services, marijuana cultivation and more.

One of the common discussions about the game is the way the game relates to women. There are not many women in the game, and most of them are prostitutes who collect characters on the street or strippers in nightclubs.

Director: George Vale, 2009 


Director: George Vale, 2009
The Wavelength Music Series is at the heart of Toronto’s independent music scene: its Sunday night PWYC shows have featured early performances by Broken Social Scene, Peaches, Final Fantasy and hundreds of other less-known but equally influential talents from the city and beyond.

East Coast boy Brian Borcherdt found Wavelength when he landed here and was inspired by the eclectic acts he witnessed there to create his own experimental project: the electronic improv outfit Holy Fuck. Brian takes a break from touring the world with Holy Fuck to sit down at Sneaky Dee’s and recount how his debut performance at Wavelength there had unexpected results.

A high-energy and humorous retrospective, featuring exclusive live performance footage and Brian’s hand-drawn „family tree” of Wavelength bands.

Director: George Vale, 2009 


Director: George Vale, 2009
Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene has witnessed the transformation of the Drake first hand. In December, 1991, Canning played the basement of the Drake when it was still a run-down hotel in a run-down neighbourhood.

His band at the time, hHead, was opening for local indie rockers Phleg Camp as part of Elvis Mondays, a no cover new music series that continues to gives upstarts a friendly place to play. About ten years later the hotel / bar / live venue was transformed from dubious dive to chic hotspot, and saw its profile rise globally right while Canning was getting his own share of worldwide attention with his new band, Broken Social Scene.

What forces shaped these two cultural success stories? The singer/bassist checks into a suite at the Queen Street landmark and recounts his most memorable nights spent rehearsing, performing, DJing and soaking up the sounds of a city coming into its own.



BRUCE MCDONALD is one of Canada’s pre-eminent cult filmmakers.

He’s become infamous for his comment that he’d buy „a big chunk of hash” with the money he won at the Toronto International Film Festival for his debut feature Roadkill in 1989.

Anyone who’s seen one of his films knows he wasn’t joking. Two other films in his road trilogy, Hard Core Logo and Highway 61 followed. In between executive producing and directing the television series Twitch City, he’s directed episodes of Queer as FolkDegrassi: The Next GenerationThe Tournament, and This is Wonderland. McDonald also directed the films Dance Me OutsidePicture Claire, Claire’s Hat, and The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess.

In 2007 he directed The Tracey Fragments starring Ellen Page, opening the Panorama program at the Berlin Film Festival. His most recent feature Pontypool premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival in 2008.

Geddy Lee (Rush) at Massey HallGeddy Lee (Rush) at Massey Hall Geddy Lee of Rush journeys back to the 1970s when all the world was a stage at Massey Hall.

Geddy Lee of Rush journeys back to the 1970s when all the world was a stage at Massey Hall.

Care Failure (Die Mannequin) at 102.1 The EdgeCare Failure (Die Mannequin) at 102.1 The Edge

As a troubled teen Care Failure found solace in 102.1 The Edge, an alternative rock station that plays music as reckless as she is.

Cancer Bats at Adrift Clubhouse Cancer Bats at Adrift Clubhouse

Punk rock stars and skateboarders Cancer Bats reveal the magic DIY community behind the heavily spray-painted door of the Adrift Clubhouse.

Director: Anita Doron, 2009 


Director: Anita Doron, 2009
Rotate This has rules. Who gets to buy that rarest vinyl from the hidden back room? Which bands get to sell their demos on consignment? As a teen punk, Damian Abraham spent whole days in the indie record shop – riffling through the bins, trading gig flyers, catching free all-ages shows by his soon-to-be favourite out-of-town bands.

Rotate’s owner Brian Taylor still schools music obsessives like Damian from the shop’s new location down the street, but there are no more gigs. For Damian this sucks. Now the singer of critically acclaimed hardcore heroes Fucked Up (who generally play anywhere they damned well please).

Damian has passed all Brian’s tests but he’s got one Rotate dream left: play a gig in the shop like the bands he grew up on. How can he convince them? Featuring a rare sighting of the infamously camera-shy Taylor and live performance that may or may not have all been a dream…

Director: Peter Lynch, 2009 


Director: Peter Lynch, 2009
Barenaked Ladies got their start on MuchMusic’s „Speaker’s Corner” booth at the corner of Queen West and John, and the UltraSound nightclub down the street. Today, those spots are both gone – the booth is in storage and the building that once housed the club is home to a high-end spa.

The Barenaked Ladies have been transformed too: into internationally known chart-stopping pop stars. Drummer Tyler Stewart takes us on a trip down memory lane and reminisces on the grassroots community that once dominated this stretch of Queen Street West – before it was gentrified into an outdoor shopping mall.

Featuring exclusive new footage of the Barenaked Ladies busking on the steps of Pages Books, another Queen Street institution now marked for closure, this tribute to a by-gone era is full of optimism for the future.