Players must also talk with other characters

Console RPG is an RPG console. The most important event of this type of game is history. This type of game usually has characters already created, and players can control. This character. This type of game usually focuses on a fixed story, but it is a subtle story. Most of these games are mostly eastern.

These types of games are popular. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Romance Man. In addition, role-playing games on a PC and console are also divided. Action RPG is an RPG game that adds a full action arcade game. Most of these games are RPGs with action mixes.

Usually it is a normal game

Because most of these games require players experience, level, weapons and armor. The most popular games of this type are: Simulation RPG is an RPG game played in the style of battle planning.

Usually it is a normal game, but it focuses on experience, level, and some games are also traded in RPG games.

Usually it is a normal gameMost of these games are turn-based games. In contrast to the turn-based strategy, this type of game has fewer turn-based strategic units, and the heroes can be equipped with conventional RPGs.

This type of game is also known as the Tactical role-playing game. Super Robot Motocross, Sakura Tyson, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre

Adventure games. Adventure game is a game in which the player takes the role of a character and must act in the game. To succeed. The adventure game was created for the first time in the form of a text adventure, which became a graphic adventure, and adventure games are focused on the player to find a solution or solve the puzzle in the game.

Most puzzles in the game focus on logic

Most puzzles in the game focus on logic, solve problems and use items that players have. Come on during the adventure. Players must also talk with other characters. This type of game requires many skills in the language. Most adventure games do not die, so players have time to analyze the problems they encounter, or if they die in adventure games, they are often placed where the player dies.

Adventure games include: Text Based Adventure is an adventure game that uses the basics of writing. When players want to do something, they must enter a post in the game (eg, Writing Talk to see the look). Adventure games are turned off. These popular games include Zork

Graphical adventure or Point ‚n Click Adventure is an adventure game that uses photos or real people. On the screen, players can use their eyes to search for items nearby. The player type usually has to do something called Pixel Hunting, or it’s about moving the mouse around the screen to find the wrong places or objects in the game. Today, this type of adventure game is called the current adventure game.

The arcade game In the new puzzle game

Puzzle Adventure is an adventure game that focuses on solving puzzles in the game. It will shorten the details, such as storing or talking with other people. This type of popular games is Myst Logic game. A puzzle game is a game of all ages. The game often focuses on solving puzzles from simple to complex. In the past, the game was often based on a puzzle game.

For example, games, numbers, games, crossovers, and then a puzzle game played on the computer game Tetris.

The arcade game In the new puzzle game

Nowadays there are many new puzzles in the game – it is a game that can be played at any age. It is normal that some players are attracted to the Tetris game. The arcade game In the new puzzle game Polarium and Puzzle Bubble, the puzzle game is not focused on the story, but will focus on the challenge for the player. Come back to play repeatedly. At a more difficult level.

A simulation game is a simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a player. The situation I decide what action to take. Events Can be taken from the actual situation or situation. This game is divided into subcategories. Virtual simulation simulates virtual control over things such as driving, driving, forklift control, etc.

Players will manage one business

Most of these games simulate details. Be as realistic as possible. This type of game is for entertainment purposes. It can also be used as a source of knowledge.

This type of game is known as Gran Turismo, etc. In addition, this type of game does not have to be a vehicle. It can be a simulated situation, such as a fire. Tycoon or Business Simulation is a business simulation game.

  1. Players will manage one business.
  2. Both are superficial. (Positioning things, hiring employees) until reaching a deeper level. (Employee control, Buy / sell stocks) This type of game usually has the term Tycoon ending with the name of the game.
  3. Popular games include: thematic hospital, amusement park, transport tycoon, Tycoon zoo, railway tracks.
  4. Situation simulation simulates events over a period of time, allowing the player to play independently.

The situation, like in the game Derby Stalion, provides players with stalls, Sim City games that give the player the mayor. Has the power to create and control public utilities in the city.

Sport Simulation is a game management system for a sports team

Life Simulation is a simulation game of life. The player usually controls one character. Or family You can control both human and non-human characters, such as the famous Sims, Animal Crossing. Simulation of animals This game will allow players to breed animals in the game for some players who want to raise, but have no status. It can be in the game. Since then, he was really an animal.

Sport Simulation is a game management system for a sports teamFor example, breeding fish, dogs, cats and fantastic animals, such as the Slime Shiyo game, which provides players with mucus.

Or Tamara Gotchi. Sport Simulation is a game management system for a sports team.

Most of these games usually give players control over a team or club. The player should have knowledge about this sport and know the name of the player and the name of the team. However, some of these games will attract the most famous athletes and / or teams to the Championship Manager, Football Manager.