How to buy in foreign online stores?

Good news: more and more online stores are sending goods to Poland. If you dream of a handbag, dress or shoes that Poland is looking for in vain, you have a chance to realize your dream.

I’m not going to write here about shopping on eBay – first, because there are a lot of such guides, and second, because buying on eBay, especially luxury items (or even a limited version of sports shoes), still requires some caution, and I don’t recommend it to those who don’t feel confident on the Internet.

And the mass of online stores, StyleBop, Net-A-Porter, or TheOutnet, where you can buy clothing brands from us, inaccessible or available, such as Valentino or Kenzo, but that stores where there are difficulties with the availability of goods. You can also shop at Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bergdorf Goodman – each of them offers delivery to Poland. But not everything will be sent, for example, Gucci or Prada are not available for customers from Poland to BG. How to buy in foreign online stores?However, this is visible immediately after entering the item page, so there are no uncertainties.

How to pay? The easiest way is to pay by credit card. Additional costs are then not taken (Stylebop offers payment via transfer, but the cost of a foreign transfer depending on the Bank can reach tens of gold, and the correct filling of all Windows on the Bank’s website is also a challenge).

Is my credit card safe?

In proven stores – Yes. Uczulam all on card purchases in stores of unknown origin, which are most often fakes; if the store name is „cheap”, „outlet” in combination with the brand name, or „wholesale”, it is better not to buy anything at all there. Buying a fake can prove to be really less of a concern.

Can I pay in cash on delivery? To my surprise, there are shops that offer this solution – for example, Stylebop. The rest require payment by card. As for the payment upon receipt-in my opinion, it only increases the cost (Stylebop counts 6.50 euros, that is less than 30 zlotys) and makes life difficult because you have to remember to have cash at home before the arrival of the courier.

How to protect yourself when paying by card?

Is my credit card safe?Probably, each Bank allows you to set a separate sub-account. Put them on, order a card to it, make sure that it is a debit card, not a credit card and immediately before the transaction, transfer to the account the amount that will cover the purchase price.

Will I have to pay duties and/or VAT? It depends on where the goods will be shipped from. For purchases in American stores-with a high degree of probability will have. Low cost packages are usually not a clone, but no one at Nordstrom will underestimate the shipping cost for you on shipping documents – also, you don’t want the parcel to be killed along the way. But we must add that, despite the higher cost, the parcel is not always customs. Some stores also include all additional costs in the purchase price-for example, the American J. Crew. In the case of shopping in stores with the EU, these costs are usually included in the shipping cost.

  • What if I change my mind?
  • Shops in EU are offered, usually free returns and has 14-28 days. In my opinion, it is a lot of time for fitting and reflections.
  • For a long period of time gives you are available as usual in Polish Zalando (100 days!), but there are not some desired brands. Harder, in the case of orders from the US – to be honest, for me, the potential inconvenience outweigh the profits here and I would just not want to order something complicated from the US.
  • Including J. Crew bought some little things like cardigan, pajamas, t-shirts – these are not things that should be super-fit. Shoes brand that I still do not wear, I would not buy from the United States, also because the sizes vary between brands.

In Poland, there are still companies that work to order individual products to order and deliver them to the address. I do not know any of these companies, I did not use their services and do not plan – English to the extent that allows a click on the site-this is really the level of FCE, and in the case of the above desire to return, too, no problems.

If you prefer not to use a foreign language when ordering online and you dream of a handbag with a top shelf, I suggest a trip to Prague or Berlin. Shopping in a boutique is always the best way – you can try everything, consider and decide on the purchase.

Shopping online – step by step

Shopping online is almost a daily occurrence. Last year, up to 74% of Internet users used it. In addition to the fact that offers and discounts continue here 24 hours a day, it is also a significant time savings that at the current pace of life becomes key. However, trade in the network carries a variety of threats and pitfalls that we often underestimate too. Things to be aware of?

It is better, of course, to buy from well-known manufacturers, read carefully the descriptions of proven brands and online stores, because then it is easier to avoid disappointment. However, it is often the newly emerged companies in the e-Commerce market that attract with favorable prices and discounts in their widely developed offer. To minimize the risk of us becoming the next victim of online fraud, just follow a few simple rules.

To formalities happened

Before choosing a purchase in a particular online store, you should check its reliability. The site should contain full information – name, address, KRS number, as well as the body that registered its activities, contact phone AGI number (real!) and that is important – the rules of the site. Although, as a rule, its length scares a potential customer, it is worth to delve into its content, mainly to know your rights in case of problems related to the receipt or quality of the purchased product. Each regulation should describe how the claims procedure works and how we can return the goods.Shopping online - step by step

According to UOKiK, based on the contract concluded at a distance, when buying in the online store, we have the same rights as in the stationary store, but, on the contrary, they are stronger because of the lack of direct contact with the seller and the product. – The law of consumer rights says that the purchased goods, we can return without explanation within 10 days from the date of conclusion of the contract (not subject to this law, the goods purchased at auction).

Online stores are required to comply with the rules, so it is enough to inform the seller in writing about the desire to return, and he is obliged to 14 days to return us the money together with the statutory interest! If the website of the store does not contain information about the possibility of return, this period is extended to 3 months.

The safe side – always insured

In any case, remember to protect your data. Once logged in, or when paying for the service by Bank transfer online, leave a trail in the form of personal data. Therefore, it is important to log out of the transaction site correctly and not use the AutoFill options. In addition, the connection on the login page must be encrypted – this is evidenced by the closed lock symbol in the lower right corner of the browser window.

  • When shopping in the store, which we have more confidence, we should choose the payment option upon receipt (delivery pobraniowej) as far as possible. Because we have a guarantee that after crediting the amount to the account of the recipient, the goods will be sent.
  • In this case, it is necessary after some time to conduct all correspondence with the seller, as well as all sorts of documents and checks that are proof of purchase.
  • Before proceeding to the completion of the transaction, and hence the payments, be sure to check that the applicant is reliable. It is worth starting with reading all possible reviews and comments about the seller, and if the purchases relate to a larger amount, it is worth fighting even for discussion on the pages of the Internet forum or among friends.
  • Sometimes, it is also worth trying to send a letter with a question about the product that we are interested in, thereby checking contact the supplier. If we do not receive a response within a long period of time, it can be a warning signal.

Remember that in the case of online purchases, always follow the principle of limited trust and, if necessary, immediately notify the police. In addition, you can also protect your computer from unwanted viruses that deliberately trap us on many fake, unverified sites. Having an antivirus program is an important detail related to online shopping because, otherwise, someone unwanted may get access to our personal online banking or email accounts.

Why do you buy online?

Buying online is more popular than it has ever been. Millions of users go online every day to buy everything; from groceries to fashion items. Improvements to electronic commerce technologies come to us very quickly; bringing with them great improvements to the online shopping experience, and changing the way we make purchases as a whole.

The good and the bad of online shopping

But, of course, these amazing advances come with a greater risk; and with a component of customer service quality that is less and less human. Then we ask ourselves: what are the best and worst aspects of online shopping?

The good and the bad of online shoppingPerhaps the most obvious advantage of online shopping is its convenience . The days of having no choice but to leave home to buy are a long and distant memory. And now, thanks to smartphones and wifi, the convenience is there in our pockets, at any time of the day or night.  Have you ever been in a store looking for a particular item, only to find that you do not have it?

Most physical stores have a limited stock; But online you will find a much wider variety of articles, which otherwise might not have been available.

The best

Another big advantage of online shopping, which is likely to be more popular with consumers, is the potential to save money by comparing costs effortlessly. It is no longer necessary to blindly trust the word of a retailer, when it tells you that its products are cheaper than those of its competitors; Now we can see it for ourselves.

Unfortunately, not all are benefits and advantages. With limited human participation in the online shopping process, privacy and security risks can be increased.

By making an online payment through an insecure transaction , you may be exposed to fraud or identity theft. In addition to security issues, another disadvantage is not being able to physically see what you are buying.

Of course, this buying behavior has become a norm; and we put a lot of confidence that the retailers send us what we expect, but occasionally we can fall into the money scams if we are not vigilant. And of course, there is the lack of human service to the client when things go wrong. Too often, a robot can not solve its problems, but human help is not available or difficult to obtain.


There is no doubt that online shopping has revolutionized our experiences as customers, and will continue to do so as technological advances continue. But it is important to keep track of the risks that we can not ignore and the new risks that can arise from online purchases; which becomes an increasingly normal part of our daily lives.

Therefore, there may be stores with facilities, convenience and varieties, but you should make sure to be a secure store to ensure that you have the best online shopping experience possible. Due to the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people say they prefer online shopping instead of conventional purchases these days.

The best and worst

It is important to understand the psyche of the online buyer. This is what they say is important to them – Know what the consumer wants –  connect to your thinking in all ways you can to satisfy these desires, through competitive intelligence, competitive pricing, customer service and more.

There are many reasons for online store sellers to be optimistic about the future of e-commerce. Here are some reasons for consumers to buy online, in their own words:

  • Convenience:  Where else can you shop, even at midnight?  You do not have to wait in line or wait until the store assistant helps you with your purchases. You can do your shopping in minutes, even if you are busy, apart from saving time and avoiding crowds. Online stores give us the opportunity to buy 24 x 7.
  • Better prices:  Get cheaper deals and better prices from online stores because the products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without intermediaries involved. Many online stores offer discount coupons and seasonal discounts.
  • Variety:  One can get several brands and products from different vendors in one place. You can enter the latest international trends without spending money on trips; You can make purchases from retailers in other parts of the country or even the world without being limited by the geographical area. These stores offer a greater selection of colors and sizes that you find locally. If you find that the product you need is out of stock online, you can go to another online store where the product is available.
  • Less expenses:  Many times when we opt for conventional purchases, we tend to spend much more than the necessary purchase expenses, in things like eating out, traveling, impulse purchases, etc.
  • Price comparison:  Online stores make comparison and research of products and possible prices. Online stores also give you the ability to share information and comments with other buyers who have first-hand experience with a product.
  • Crowds:  If you are like me, you would like to avoid the crowds when you do the shopping. The crowds force us to make rushed purchases most of the time. The crowds also create a problem when it comes to finding a parking spot nearby, where you want to go shopping and return to your vehicle later loaded with shopping bags.
  • Compulsive shopping:  Many times when we go shopping we end up buying things we do not need due to the shopkeepers’ sales skills – or due to the lack of options in those stores we end up buying items that we do not really need.
  • Discrete purchases:  Some things are done better in privacy. Online stores allow me to buy underwear, lingerie or adult toys without the embarrassment of having several people watching it.