Director: Anita Doron, 2009 


Director: Anita Doron, 2009
Rotate This has rules. Who gets to buy that rarest vinyl from the hidden back room? Which bands get to sell their demos on consignment? As a teen punk, Damian Abraham spent whole days in the indie record shop – riffling through the bins, trading gig flyers, catching free all-ages shows by his soon-to-be favourite out-of-town bands.

Rotate’s owner Brian Taylor still schools music obsessives like Damian from the shop’s new location down the street, but there are no more gigs. For Damian this sucks. Now the singer of critically acclaimed hardcore heroes Fucked Up (who generally play anywhere they damned well please).

Damian has passed all Brian’s tests but he’s got one Rotate dream left: play a gig in the shop like the bands he grew up on. How can he convince them? Featuring a rare sighting of the infamously camera-shy Taylor and live performance that may or may not have all been a dream…

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