Think about some news about life, relationships, money, women would receive one school player in this or similar video game

In addition, it is not uncommon that the main characters, after a relationship with a prostitute (who is very faithfully called), the money that paid her a favor, go back to the way to kill a prostitute and take her money. Entering the world of GTA 5 and more detailed considerations about the impact it exerts on individuals through which we understand children and young people, we are still convinced in his assertion that children should not have access to this type of „entertainment”.

It is important to listen to children and to talk and accept to develop trust and build relationships with your child

It is important to listen to children and to talk and accept to develop trust and build relationships with your child

It is also interesting that the Nantwich Education Partnership, an organization that brings together 16 schools in English Cheshire aroused simply growing in popularity that video games threatened parents that they would be reported to the police if their children could play video games intended for the elderly than 18 years old.

Parents were warned that in some cases they could be reported to the police, but also to social service because of neglect of children. Parents and other adults who care about children are responsible for controlling the content of video games their children are playing, the time the child spends in front of the computer, the content they search for and the games that they play on-line.

We believe that most parents are trying to control the content where their child is exposed, but it often happens that children learn from their content from their peers, older friends or relatives. For this reason, it is important to check how a child is having fun when it comes to friends, cousins, neighbors, etc. Younger children will probably be honest and trust that they spend time while older children may try to hide activities they consider to be inappropriate.

It is important to listen to children and to talk and accept to develop trust and build relationships with your child. If you notice that inappropriate content was available to children, you are required to inform other children’s parents.

Shuffling shooters can cause brain damage

Nowadays, it is almost impossible for children to completely exclude themselves from the virtual world, and this is of course not a solution. Children need guidance, parents should offer children the appropriate alternatives, according to their age and possibly games, which stimulate the child’s brain to concentrate, develop logical thinking and develop creativity.

Shuffling shooters can cause brain damage

There really are such video games! Before a child begins to play a specific game, the parent should consider what is being done and whether the game acts as a stimulus for the child’s development. Preferably, the parent should and games to understand what is available and then explain to the child what reason this game is suitable or not suitable for him.

Attention! Shuffling shooters can cause brain damage. Video games of every genre play an increasing part of the population on a daily basis, and this increase is attracted by the great attention of psychologists and neuroscientists who want to see the impact of playing games on the human brain.

In this study, participants were divided into two groups

Researchers Gregory West and Véronique Bohbot in the latest study turned out that the shooter game leads to a reduction in gray in the hippocampus, which is found in the brain and plays an important role in spatial memory and affects the mood.

In this study, participants were divided into two groups

In this study, participants were divided into two groups. Some people need 90 hours to play first person shooter (FPS), such as Call of Dutyja, Killzonea and battle, while in the second group at the same time games 3D platformer games like Super Mario 64.

Then each participant to the nuclear magnetic resonance device (NMR) of the brain taken, and the results showed that in the group assigned to the hippocampus the reproduction of the shooter falls, and patients from the second group increase the same.

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